Industries We Serve

At Sprague Devices, we create solutions that get the job done right. We manufacture windshield wiper systems that exceed every vehicle wiping requirement through detailed design, thorough quality testing and scalable production.

Drivers across industries and applications choose Sprague Devices because of our technology enhancements, product reliability and dedication to our customers. See how our solutions are built for you.

Heavy Duty Trucks

Your windshield wiper solutions should be as tough as your 18-wheeler. Sprague Devices provides the visibility you need during the drive so that you can power through the long haul, no matter what weather the road may bring.


Transit busses, motor coaches, school busses, shuttles—getting drivers and passengers safely to their destination means installing reliable windshield wiper systems. Our solutions make sure you can see clearly during the drive, even through wet and snowy weather.


On the farm, more than weather can cloud your visibility behind the wheel. Sprague Devices offers wiper solutions designed to easily remove all types of debris from your windshield, be it rain or shine.


Projects don’t stop because of bad weather. Our solutions keep your windshield clear so that you can keep going. Sprague Devices features products designed for all construction vehicles, including bulldozers, front loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, graders, cranes and crawler dozers.


Don’t let the weather keep you from staying on schedule. From passenger trains and light rail to trams and trolleys, Sprague Devices provides wiper solutions so that you always see clearly throughout the commute.


Your windshield wiper system should be as strong as those who serve. At Sprague Devices, we build our wiper solutions to perform reliably through the toughest weather conditions around the world.

Recreation & Specialty Vehicles

From motorhomes and RVs to utility trucks and emergency vehicles, every driver needs full visibility. We provide windshield wiper systems that address the specific needs of your custom vehicle so that you can see clearly across climates and weather condition.