Sprague Devices Innovative Features

From electric motors to air motors, Sprague Devices offers a variety of windshield wiper motor solutions designed to the specifications and performance needs of your application. Discover how our customized features enhance your driving experience during inclement weather.

Smart Motor

Safe driving demands intelligence. That’s why Sprague Devices designed the Sprague eMotor, a smart wiper motor that proactively provides more visibility with upgraded features optimized for efficient performance.

Seeing clearly has never been this convenient.

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Electric Motors

Choose a wiper motor that’s designed for the commercial vehicle market. Sprague Devices offers a variety of electric motors that deliver on performance, durability and visibility for your specific application.

See how our customized electric motors can work for you.

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Air Motors

Select a wiper motor that’s built to handle demanding, heavy-duty environments. Sprague Devices offers air motors that deliver on top efficiency and durability with minimum maintenance and down time.

Here’s how our air motors can work for you.

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