GS-4046-16 Mack C Series

Sprague GS-4046-16 Mack C Series Linkage Assembly

The Sprague GS-4046-16 Mack C Series linkage assembly provides a high-quality, convenient solution when a replacement is needed. We offer complete units that match OE performance and designed for long-lasting durability. Sprague Devices provides universal tooling, allowing your linkage rods to be made at optimum length for your application without additional tooling investment.

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  • Hot-dipped galvanized coating on linkage rods for corrosion protection. Black polyester power coat finish is optional.
  • C-shape linkage cross section for maximum strength and saving space.
  • Custom-made ball socket bearings molded from specialized material for superior wear resistance.
  • Customized ball socket bearings holes designed to maximize bearing retention and compression strength.
  • Ball pins manufactured and designed to retain oil for maximum durability and wear resistance.
  • Ball pins and pivot shaft treated with proprietary salt bath nitriding process for smooth, corrosion resistant surface.
  • Pivot shaft bearings composed of a custom sintered metal mixture developed for wear resistance under highly loaded oscillating motion conditions.
  • Pivot shaft bearings are oil impregnated for lifetime lubrication.
  • Idler levers designed with high-strength, low alloy steel.

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