HP 200

HP 200 Air Wiper Motor

The Sprague HP 200 air wiper motor is designed for continuous dependability and a long performance life. This air motors exceeds OEM durability requirements of 4.5 million cycles and can deliver up to 300 inch pounds of torque at 100 psi. Weighing at 33 oz, this air motor is designed to protect against contaminants and is ideal for applications that are limited in space. Intermittent wiper feature as well as 3/8 or 5/8-inch diameter motor shafts available.

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Product Details


  • Delivers up to 300 inch pounds of torque at 100 psi
  • Allows pivot shaft to have wide range of selected arcs
  • Preset wiper angles between 60 and 130 degrees available
  • Aluminum and zinc materials for strength, durability and less weight
  • Four moving parts for simplicity and maximum service life
  • Rack & pinion power train for maximum strength
  • Simplified valving for positive reversal through pneumatic mechanical action
  • Left or right side parking available
  • Every motor is pre-qualified prior to final performance testing
  • Every motor is set for high-speed operation under typical wet windshield loading
  • Every motor is tested for wipe angle, speed, torque, park position and leakage
  • Quality control process ensures parts meet print specifications

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