Pantograph Wiper Arms

Ideal for Single or Split Glass Windshields

Choose Sprague’s high-quality, long-lasting solution when you need to replace your pantograph wiper arms. We design every pantograph wiper arm for durability and weather-resistant, even for the harshest conditions. Through meticulous engineering, our windshield wiper arms are built to match OEM standards in performance and quality.

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Product Details


  • Arm length ranges from 14” to 40”
  • Blade connections offered at 9 X 3mm hook and 12 X 4mm hook
  • Various saddle width configurations: 0.200”, 0.25”, 0.50”, 14mm, 16mm and 25mm
  • Wet and dry wiper arms available
  • Numerous mounting head configurations
    • Aluminum or Zinc Die cast
    • Din Style 6, 8, 10 or 12
    • Drum style – 0.625” and 0.75”
    • Double Flat Shaft –0.375” Shaft Diameter
  • Extension sizes
    • 9 x 3mm for shorter arms
    • 12 X 4mm flat stock for larger arms
    • Tubular
  • Pantograph off set available for various industry widths
  • Adjustable or rigid Idler arms
  • Black e-coat and powder coat for durable finish