Pneumatic Wiper Motor Control Valves

The wiper motor control valves switch the wiper motor on or off, control the wiper motor speed, and park the motor. Turning the knob clockwise from the OFF position starts the wiper. The wiper speed is continuously variable, increased by turning the knob clockwise. Turning the knob counterclockwise decreases wiper speed. Turning past the detent turns the wiper off. Turning counterclockwise past the off position against the momentary spring pressure parks the wiper.

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Product Details


  • Control valves are available with side ports (K-110-X and K-112-X Series), or end ports (K-111-X and K-113-X Series)
  • Mounting to dash panel is 7/16-28 thread (K-110-X and K-111-X Series) or 9/16-24 thread (K-112-X and K-113-X Series)
  • Dash number suffix on the part number denotes output pressure and flow rate. As a general rule, -5 controls are used with HP100 motors and -7 are used with HP200 motors.
  • Park Under Pressure valves are available to hold overhead wipers in position
  • End ported valves are available with an integrated windshield washer control (K-150-X and K-151-X Series)