Windshield Washer Systems

Sprague Devices provides customized windshield washer systems designed for your commercial vehicle needs. We can configure reservoir capacity, washer pump compatibility, rubber washer tubing cut lengths, fittings, bulkhead connectors and check valves so that your washer system performs optimally for your application.

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Product Details


  • Reservoirs from 0.75 to 19 liter capacity (0.85 quart to 5 gallons)
  • 12V, 24V, or pneumatic washer pumps available
  • Rubber windshield washer tubing in bulk or cut lengths available
  • Variety of fittings, bulkhead connectors, check valves, and wiper arm or cowl mounted windshield washer nozzles available
  • Available for pneumatic washer systems: purge feature sending air blast through the lines at the end of each wash cycle