Sprague Devices Air Motors

Select a wiper motor that’s built to handle demanding, heavy-duty environments. Sprague Devices offers air motors that deliver on top efficiency and durability with minimum maintenance and down time.

Here’s how our air motors can work for you.

Full Flexibility

Expect an impressive amount of torque from a small, lightweight package. Our air motors are designed to be compatible for any voltage system and can fit applications with limited space.

Variable Speed Control

Power your wiper system with the speed you need. With Sprague Devices, you can adjust your air motor to perform at variable speeds with a twist of a dial, giving you full control.

Infinite Stall

Never worry about internal overload, even if your wiper system gets blocked or jammed. Air motors built by Sprague Devices can maintain the stalled condition continuously without overheating or harming the motor.

Manual Override

Maintain control, no matter the situation. Our air motors feature manual override so that you can still control your wiper system even during engine failure or a loss of power.


Sprague Devices builds every air motor with durable materials that can withstand contaminants and protect again corrosion. We also offer a stainless steel shaft (available upon request) for our pneumatic motors so that your wiper system is less subject to salt water.


In extreme environments, any kind of spark can be deadly. Our air motors do not produce electric sparks, making them ideal for conditions where there is a danger of explosions. Because our pneumatic motors start without shock, there is no heat buildup and no electric spark that can damage the motor.

Easy To Fix

No need for extensive maintenance. Our air motors are composed of four moving parts, making it manageable for you to repair rather than replace.