Sprague Devices Smart Motor

More Clearance, More Convenience

Safe driving demands intelligence. That’s why Sprague Devices designed the Sprague eMotor, a smart wiper motor that proactively provides more visibility with upgraded features optimized for efficient performance.

Seeing clearly has never been this convenient. Coming soon. Call for more information.

More Visibility

The Sprague eMotor adapts its wiper motion to the curve of your windshield, removing more precipitation from view. We built this smart wiper motor to detect snow buildup on your windshield so that it clears the glass more effectively by adjusting its wiping angle. Plus, the higher torque in our motor combined with a larger wiper arm means even more coverage across large glass. View Example

Better Performance

Reliability is essential during inclement weather—and the Sprague eMotor continuously delivers. We run every unit through rigorous quality testing against commercial vehicle standards, ensuring long-lasting endurance over its entire service life.

More Space

The reversing crank on the Sprague eMotor rotates 180 degrees and eliminates the space required for linkage, compared to 360 degrees for traditional wiper motors. Less space is needed for this smart wiper motor to perform optimally, giving you more room under the hood. View Example

Less Weight

The Sprague eMotor is designed to reduce weight in your vehicle, boosting the mileage range on your electric vehicle. We reduced the size of the motor, lowering the weight by up to 2lbs in comparison to standard systems.

More Savings

Lower weight means lower shipping costs. The elimination of linkage and small box volume of the Sprague eMotor reduces your freight and product packaging expenses, providing more value for your purchase.

Less Noise

Enjoy a quieter driving experience. We reduced the noise level within the motor as well as at the blade reversal points, making the Sprague eMotor ideal for electric vehicles.

More Customization

Control how you optimize the performance of your smart wiper motor. The Sprague eMotor features enhanced software that lets you to customize your settings, from modifying wiper speeds to integrating with other vehicle components including camera systems and collision detection systems.

Better Park

No longer does your wiper system obstruct your view. The Sprague eMotor allows you more park flexibility so that you have even better visibility across your windshield.

Easier Access

Changing your wiper blades shouldn’t be difficult. This smart wiper motor allows you to conveniently adjust the service location so that replacing your wiper blades is easy.