Sprague Devices Electric Motors

Choose a wiper motor that’s designed for the commercial vehicle market. Sprague Devices offers a variety of electric motors that deliver on performance, durability and visibility for your specific application.

See how our customized electric motors can work for you.


Expect this wiper motor to go the distance. Sprague Devices develops electric motors that can last for 1 million miles so that your wiper system maintains a service life that matches your vehicle.


Your wiper motor needs to be as tough as your driving conditions. Our electric motors can handle all harsh weather, from dust and precipitation to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Sprague Devices seals every electric motor for further protection from dust and contamination.


Every electric motor from Sprague Devices includes a thermal overload to prevent your motor from overheating. Our electric motors also undergo 500 hours of salt spray testing to confirm that your motor is corrosion resistant.

Torque & Volt Variety

Power your application properly. Sprague Devices offers both 12- and 24-volt electric motor options as well as a variety of torque ranges so that your wiper system always functions efficiently and effectively.

Extended Durability

Because carbon brushes can break down easily, Sprague Devices developed a special brush compound so that your electric motor has a longer service life.

Application Adaptable

Get the right fit the first time. By using cable harnesses, our electric motors can adapt to over 20 standard or customized connectors for your commercial vehicle.